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503-12 Huajiu Road, Zhujiang New Town (South to Guangzhou American Consulate)


Phone: Ying 18078822001 or 020-89815789



Romanas Certificate

Romana’s Pilates is True Pilates
True Pilates China is the ONLY Romana’s Pilates Certification Center in China, one of only two in Asia.

Romana’s Pilates Independent Instructor Training Program (IITP)
So you want to be certified by Romana’s Pilates…
Romana's Pilates Independent Instructor Training Program (IITP) is a comprehensive education program that trains the most capable and knowledgeable instructors in the industry. The legacy of the True Pilates Method that was passed from Joseph Pilates to Romana Kryzanowska, continues on today through our international network of Romana's Pilates Certified Instructors, Training Centres and affiliated studios.
As the ONLY Romana’s Pilates Certificaton in China, we offer unsurpassed excellence in training and Continuing Professional Education. Our comprehensive instructor Training Program is closely modeled on the original work of Joseph and Clara Pilates as well as his protégé Romana Kryzanowska.
The Romana’s Pilates team of highly experienced and dedicated instructors will mentor you throughout the program, providing hands-on instruction, regular question-answer sessions, one-on-one meetings and group classes. Under the guidance and teaching of our Instructor Trainers we will prepare you for a long and successful career of teaching the method – as it was originally intended by Joseph Pilates.
One of the aims of Authentic Pilates Teacher Certification program, apart from providing quality education, is the standardization of teaching. Our international reputation for producing the finest quality Pilates instructors ensure that our graduates are respected in the industry and will be able to employ their skills worldwide with confidence.

2019 Romana's Pilates Training Schedules
17th &18th January :                 Initial Assessment
20th & 21st 
January :                Basic Seminar/ Tamika Walker
26th & 27th April:                       Intermediate Seminar/ Marjorie Oron
31st August & 1st September:  Advanced Seminar/ Cynthia Lochard

2020 Romana's Pilates 培训安排

February:                 Initial Assessment & Basic Seminar/ Tamika Walker

February:                 CPE/ Cynthia Lochard

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