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503-12 Huajiu Road, Zhujiang New Town (South to Guangzhou American Consulate)


Rachel 18078822001 or 020-89815789



We offer private and semi-private lessons and group classes at a regular basis. All lessonsand classes run for 50-55 minutes. People with special requests can ask for 30 or 40 minute lessons.New clients are encouraged to start with at least five private lessons before they consider joining the group classes. This is to ensure that clients have a strong understanding ofwhat they need to focus on while working in a larger group. Our instructors will develop a program according to your body and needs.
Private Lesson: A one-on-one class done with a certified instructor who will consistently tailor the lesson to your personal needs. This generally requires you to start on the Reformer before moving onto Mat work and finally onto other Pilates equipment that also suit your needs.
Mat Classes: Mat has three levels of classes: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Whilst progressing through each level, a student will develop their core strength, mind-body connection, flexibility, as well as getting the benefit of cardiovascular exercise. Numbers usually range from 4 to 10 people per mat class. 
Reformer Classes: These classes are for groups of up to 5 who are interested in a reformer workout but at a more affordable price. Timetables are fixed, though you can form your own group and book a time of your preference. 
Semi-Private Lesson: A lesson done with a partner at a similar fitness level. We suggest that clients have a private lesson booked initially, allowing the instructor to be more familiar with your body. If you are looking for a partner, the studio can find and arrange one for you.